Who We Are

No Turning Back is the youth ministry of Calvary Chapel Eastside!

About the Name

For quite some time, we had been praying for a proper name to call our youth group. We decided, in the beginning, that we wanted a name that would glorify God. Then, in July of 2004, our prayers were answered. On our summer retreat, the concept of "no turning back" continued to come up throughout the messages.

Then, on the last night, during the baptisms, a girl who had fallen away from the Lord stepped forward to be baptized. When asked to tell the group why she wanted to be baptized she said, "I had fallen away from the Lord, but now I want to follow Him with all of my heart. I know that He died and rose for me. He is the Lover of my soul, and there is No Turning Back for me."

The next day we ate at a restaurant where people write their name and the date on a dollar bill and staple it to the wall, hoping to see it on their next visit. While we were eating, one of the kids wrote "Calvary Chapel Eastside Youth Group Summer Retreat 2004, No Turning Back!" At that point, it was obvious that the Lord was answering our prayers. And from that point onward, we have called our youth group, "No Turning Back!"